Butter sauce with parsley - If you like butter you will love this!

Fits perfect to both fish and lamb ribs!


  • 1 dl water
  • 500 gram butter
  • 1 bunt parsley

First time I made this sauce was when I made lamb ribs for some friends at home. I saw a Norwegian chef named Hellstrøm make it on TV, but I was sceptical. Either way I decided to make it as a second alternative to which sauce my friends wanted. It was extremely popular and I even had to make more in the middle of our dinner. After that I've also used this sauce for fish and other seafood. It's the temperature which is key so make this sauce right.

Step 1

First, you dice your stick of butter into cubes, then put it into the fridge again. Then you pour water in a medium sized pot and put the stove on max heat until it's boiling intensely. Put the heat down to low and little by little, start whisking in the butter.

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Dsc 0480 2

Step 2

After a bit you will see that the sauce thickens up and gets a great consistency. But do not let the sauce get too hot, then the sauce will split and just turn into melted butter.

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Step 3

When all the butter has been whisked in, you finely chop some parsley and add it to the sauce.

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Step 4

And just like that the sauce is ready! If you use salted butter you don't need to add any salt. If you've used unsalted butter you might want to add a little bit. Good luck!

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