Confit garlic - garlic cooked in oil gives a wonderful taste!

These garlic are extremely good and go well with many dishes and sauces.


  • 3 pcs large garlic
  • 3 dl sunflower oil

Confit garlic is garlic that has been gently boiled in oil and stored in a glass. The garlic turns golden and gives a wonderful taste of mild garlic. Of course, the oil is also very good. Use the oil and garlic in dishes, dressings and sauces. These golden garlic taste so incredibly good!


Step 1

Divide the garlic into boats. Cut off the top and bottom of each clove and remove the shell.

Hvitlokconfit 3

Step 2

Put the garlic cloves in a small saucepan and pour over the oil.

Hvitlokconfit 2

Step 3

Turn the heat to medium heat and wait until it starts to bubble gently around the garlic cloves. Turn down the heat so that only small bubbles appear. They should not be fried, but soak in the oil. At my induction peak between 1-9 in strength, I had it at 2.5. Leave for 1.5 hours until the garlic cloves have turned golden and soft.

Hvitlokconfit 4
Hvitlokconfit 5

Step 4

Allow to cool to room temperature in the boiler.

Hvitlokconfit 6

Step 5

Pour into an airtight clean glass. Store in a refrigerator. Now you have made wonderful confit garlic cloves and in addition you have a wonderful garlic oil. Use them in all dishes you like garlic. These are dangerously good as snacks as well. Good luck.

Hvitlokconfit front