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Digged wild salmon with gin - Here I show you how

Digging salmon is not difficult. It's actually a lot easier than many people think. When you do this yourself, you can choose the quality of the fish and you can add the flavors you like.


  • 1 kg wild salmon
  • 55 gram salt
  • 45 gram sugar
  • 1 bunt dill
  • 1 dl gin of good quality

I have chosen to make a fairly traditional recipe with wild salmon, but gin is probably a bit unfamiliar to many. I think the spices in gin go great with this dish. It will be a slightly Nordic taste picture. Buy a good quality gin. What you do not use for the fish certainly comes in handy with some gin and tonic.

Step 1

It is very nice to save a few pieces that you vacuum and freeze for a later occasion. Serve with homemade mustard dressing or some scrambled eggs.

Good luck :-)