Drink of the week - Espresso Martini - Love at first sip!

A perfect little coffee cocktail that gives you energy until well into the late night hours.



Espresso Martini

  • 4 cl vodka
  • 3 cl kahlua
  • 3 cl sugar brine
  • 1 dobbel espresso
  • 3 pcs coffee beans for garnish

Sugar brine

  • 1 dl water
  • 1 dl sugar

This is the sophisticated, sexy and far better alternative to an Irish coffee. I tasted my first Espresso Martini a couple of years ago and since then there have been many. It was love at first sight. Now Espresso Martini has become quite trendy and you can buy the drink at many nightclubs. It is easy to make and is absolutely perfect every time with this recipe.

Step 1

When making cocktails at home, it is important to cool the glass. Therefore, start by filling the empty glass with ice cubes. It can stand like that until the rest of the drink is ready.

Step 2

Take the ice cubes out of the glass and remove any melted water. Pour the drink into the glass and make sure it does not come with any ice cubes. Feel free to use a small strainer. Finish by garnishing with 3 coffee beans. Now the very best part remains and that is to drink it. Perfect before dinner, as an alternative to dessert or simply because you fancy an Espresso Martini. Although they are very good it is a good tip and do not drink for many of them. Then I can warn against a very good mood and some difficulty falling asleep.

Espresso Martini hoy