Baked Alaska - Delicious ice cream cake with grilled meringue

This ice cream cake with grilled meringue is much easier to make than many people think!


large portions

Baked Alaska

  • 4 pcs sugar bread (as big as the ice cream pan)
  • 1 liter ice cream (preferably 2 varieties)
  • Italian Meringue
  • rum for flambéing (optional)

Italian Meringue

  • 160 gram egg whites
  • 40 gram sugar
  • 0,5 tsp salt
  • 200 gram sugar
  • 1 dl water
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract

Baked Alaska is a famous ice cream cake that many fear. There is no reason for that. The cake consists of sugar bread, ice cream and Italian meringue. It is a powerful dessert that looks very impressive when served. You can either make this as portion cakes or a large cake. The technique is the same.

Step 1

Start by making the sugar bread and stick out to the same pan as the bowls you are going to have the ice cream in. You can also buy ready-made sugar bread or it is easy to make yourself. Here is a link to sugar bread with spelt flour Sugar bread with spelt - juicy and airy cake base without wheat. You can use exactly the same recipe with wheat flour if you want.

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Dsc 0233

Step 2

Find the pans and cover them with plastic wrap. This way it is easy to get the cake out of the pan after it has been in the freezer.

Dsc 0202 2

Step 3

I use two types of ice cream, but of course it is optional. In this recipe I used pistachios and vanilla. This also looks very nice when the cake is cut up. Put together your favorite flavors and press the ice cream layer by layer into the pan. It is easier if the ice cream starts to get a little soft.

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Add the sugar bread and press well. Wrap the plastic wrap around the whole and tighten. Put the ice cakes in the freezer for a minimum of 3 hours until they are completely frozen before you put on the meringue. You can also do this the day before and just pick them out before serving.

Dsc 0241
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Step 4

An Italian meringue is best suited for this. The difference from an Italian meringue is that you whip in boiling syrup which gives a very shiny and firm meringue. Here is a link to the procedure for Italian meringue Homemade coconut buns - this is really goodies!

Dsc 0318

Step 5

To assemble the cake, take it out of the freezer, place it on the plate you want to serve it on and place nicely on the meringue with a spray bag. Burn before serving with a small "gas burner". If you do not have this, you can put it under the grill for a few seconds in the oven. It is also good to pour over a little rum or cognag and light it when serving. Then you have to heat the alcohol to about 50 degrees before you pour over it.

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