Baked Mont d'Or - Melted French magic

Delicious melted cheese with bread and side dishes.


  • 1 can Mont d`Or
  • 3 cloves garlic
  • 0,5 dl white wine
  • 1 pcs baguette
  • cured meats

The first time I tasted this melted cheese, I fell in love. A delicious cheese taste and being able to sit and dip good bread in melted cheese is beautiful to me. You can vary with several side dishes of cured meat, vegetables, potatoes. Here I show you the recipe and tricks to get the best result. The recipe also has a video instruction that you can see at the bottom of this recipe.

Mont dor

Step 1

This is a very simple recipe. Start by removing the lid of the box and remove the plastic. Find a wet towel and roll around the box. This is done so that it will become moist and withstand the treatment in the oven better.

Mont dor 2

Step 2

Cut a cross and stuff in 3 cloves of garlic. Pour over the white wine and wrap the box in aluminum foil. Set the oven to 200 degrees fan and insert the cheese. It takes about 20 minutes and it is perfectly melted. When the cheese is in the oven, I find a tray and put on thin slices of baguette and some cured meat.

Mont dor 3

Step 3

When the cheese is ready, take it out of the oven. Remove the aluminum foil and place the box straight on the tray. Use a knife to gently scrape the "lid" of the cheese to the side and you'll see all the delicious melted cheese. Now it's just a matter of enjoying. Check out the video here how I make this.

Mont dor 6