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Barbecue skewers "Bonanza" on the grill - The whole family gets their favorites!

Recipes, inspiration and tricks for barbecue skewers bonanza on the grill.



Barbecue skewers Bonanza

  • 1 pcs beef tenderloin
  • 1 pcs chicken wings with rub
  • 1 pcs scampi with chili oil
  • 1 pcs sausage mix
  • 1 pcs paprika (3 colors)
  • 1 pcs grilled corn on the cob

If you want to make everyone happy, it is often smart to serve varied food from the grill. I love barbecue skewers and here it is allowed to be creative. Here I will show lots of clever tricks to make Grillspyd bonanza on the grill at home. I did not show that my weber grill had a skewer holder and it was incredibly practical and is guaranteed to be used often.

Step 1

This is more inspiration than recipes. In order for everyone to be happy, I mix several varieties with meat, shellfish and vegetables. Serve with some good salad, potato salad and some good dressings.

Step 2

Grilled corn is always popular here at home. I only apply a little neutral oil just before grilling. I think grilled corn is best with a little butter and salt.

DSC 1216

Step 3

Chicken wings are also very good on barbecue skewers. Run raw chicken wings naturally. I season them with a little homemade rub (barbecue seasoning). Chicken wings take a little extra time on the grill and should then be put on earlier or stand closer to the heat source.

DSC 1217

Step 4

Sausage skewers. Feel free to combine several varieties, which gives an exciting taste and great appearance. I also like to have beef on my skewers. Cut the meat into cubes and place on a skewer. It is very smart with double grill skewers so the meat and vegetables do not spin around when they are grilled.

DSC 1225

Step 5

I have made a video to show how I grill these delights, but here are some pictures during the grilling.

DSC 1234
DSC 1242

Step 6

Move the skewers up and down or closer and further away from the heat. The goal is for all the barbecue skewers to be ready at the same time. Place them on a large foil or dish and serve.

DSC 1249

Step 7

Now it's ready for barbecue skewers Bonanza !!! Enjoy. I recommend you watch the video I made too. Good luck.