The perfect Brownies in a long pan - Crispy, chewy and delicious!

Lovely taste of chocolate, crispy top, chewy and soft in the middle!


pcs long pan
  • 5 pcs egg
  • 550 gram sugar
  • 375 gram butter
  • 250 gram dark chocolate (64%)
  • 180 gram wheat flour
  • 3 tsp vanilla sugar
  • a little icing sugar to the top

Brownies are very good and here is no reason to buy the bag variant. You make this easily yourself and the taste is so much better. I have tested a little different and here is what I think is a perfect Brownies. This is the basic recipe and you can of course add chocolate pieces, caramel or nuts depending on what you like. It's not often I am careful about weighing ingredients, but when you bake it is very smart.

Step 1

Start by pouring the eggs and sugar into the food processor. This should be whipped completely white. I use the balloon whisk and it takes about 10 minutes with my machine. It should be egg dose.

Dsc 0934 2

Step 2

Melt the butter in a pan. No "nonsense butter" like margarine or the like. In cakes we use butter properly because it tastes so much better. Melt over medium heat and weigh the chocolate. A cake does not get better than the quality of the chocolate. I use 64% Valhrona chocolate, but it is important that it is a dark and good chocolate. When the butter has melted, take the pan away from the plate and pour in the butter. Stir until you get a smooth and even mass.

Dsc 0936
Dsc 0940 2
Dsc 0943

Step 3

Carefully mix the egg mixture and the chocolate with a spatula. Measure out the flour and vanilla sugar and sift this into the mixture. Mix further with the spatula until it has become fairly even.

Dsc 0948
Dsc 0958 3

Step 4

Find a baking tray and place on baking paper. Set the oven at 170 degrees above and under heat. This is important to get the crispy lid and sticky slightly undercooked cake in the middle. Pour the batter onto the tray and place in the oven when it is hot. Bake for 30-32 minutes.

Dsc 0960 2

Step 5

Allow the cake to cool completely to room temperature and divide before serving. I like to sprinkle some icing sugar on top and serve with a good ice cream. Good luck.

Dsc 0998
Dsc 0001
Dsc 0016 4