Burrata and tomato - Simple and delicious!

Italian flavors and perfect combination.


  • 1 stor ripe quality tomato
  • 100 gram burrata
  • 10 blader basil
  • good olive oil
  • salt and pepper

It does not get much easier than this, but does not get much better either. Here, the quality of the raw materials means everything. You need large good ripe tomatoes and burrata of good quality. I also use a good olive oil and some fresh basil. This became very popular when I posted the film, so I thought I would also post the recipe. I recommend watching the video at the bottom of this recipe to see the full 60-second procedure.

Burrata 3

Step 1

Burrata 4

Step 2

First add the tomato slice and add some of the cheese. Layer and finish with a tomato lid. I apply a little good olive oil between each layer. Transfer to a plate and serve. This is the taste of summer and Italy for me. Good luck.