Dried chanterelles - This is how the mushrooms last until next season

With this method you can preserve mushrooms and let them last throughout the winter.


large norwegian glass
  • 1 kg fresh chanterelles

When it is season for mushrooms, there is a plentiful selection in the shops and if you are good at picking yourself, it can be smart to dry some of the mushrooms. That way, the mushrooms last a long time and you can make many good dishes where you can easily add a little extra good taste of mushrooms. One of my favorites is chanterelle and here I show you how to dry the mushrooms at home.

Step 1

Brush the mushrooms well with a brush and divide the largest pieces. Pour over a baking tray covered with baking paper. In order for the mushrooms to retain the finest color and taste, I recommend that you dry the mushrooms at between 40-50 degrees.

Dsc 0540

Step 2

In my Siemens oven I have my own drying function that works excellently! If, on the other hand, you have a regular convection oven, you can also use the same recipe. It is important that the moisture comes out of the oven, so then I recommend putting a ladle or something that keeps the oven door ajar. Insert the mushroom and let it dry for about 12-18 hours until it is completely dry.

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Step 3

Place the dried mushrooms on an airtight glass and you can now store it for a long time to come. I usually make "mushroom spices" from parts of the dried mushrooms. Put some of the dried mushrooms in a blender and run until you get a consistency like flour. Perfect for adding a teaspoon of delicious chanterelle flavor to sauces, soups and other dishes where you want a concentrated mushroom flavor. Good luck.

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