Dry Martini - James Bond's favorite drink - Do you know what it contains?

This drink is made famous by none other than James Bond. Dry Martini is his favorite drink and the famous order: Dry Martini, shaken not stirred. He has ordered Dry Martini, Vodka Martini and in the latest movie Dirty Martini.


  • 6 cl Gin of good quality
  • 2 cl Noilly Prat
  • 3 pcs olives without stones

The funny thing about this order is that this is based on the textbook is wrong. For a Dry Martini should be stirred and not shaken. This contains almost only Gin, so choose good quality Gin for this drink to be perfect. This dry delicious taste is perfect before a better meal. I recommend everyone to try to make this one. I like it very much! It contains only Gin, Noilly Prat and a couple of olives so it is easy to make when you know how.

Step 1

When making Cocktails, it should always be served in ice-cold glasses. Then start by filling the glass with ice or put it in the freezer a bit. Find the shaker and fill it well with ice. Pour in 2 cl with Noilly Prat and stir well for 10 seconds.

Dry Martini 2

Step 2

Pour off most of Noilly Prat. This is called and perfumes the ice cubes. The more of Noilly Prat you pour out the "drier" it gets. Now add 6 cl with Gin and stir for 10 new seconds. Find the cold glass and pour the drink through a sieve and into the glass. Take 2-3 olives and attach to a tapas stick or similar and place in the glass. Make sure you do not use toothpicks with taste, then it will be a strange drink.

Step 3

Now the drink is ready to be enjoyed. If you want to try the James Bond version, shake the drink instead of stirring. Can also be good a little lemon peel. Make sure you do not get the white on the peel and cut the peel into a thin strip. Good luck

Dry Martini hoy