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Duck breast with delicious accessories - How to grill duck breast.


  • 2 pcs duck breast
  • 10 pcs small potatoes
  • 8 pcs small onions
  • 2 tbsp butter
  • 2 tbsp orange marmalade
  • 1,5 dl Rosé wine / white wine
  • salt and pepper

Duck breast is incredibly good and there are some tricks to get the very best result. The goal is to get a duck breast that is completely crispy at the top and perfectly pink in the middle. Here I have made the whole dish on the grill in the same pan. Duck breast can be difficult to grill without a pan as the fat runs down and there are flames. Therefore, I recommend using a mold / frying pan or similar for the best result.

Andebryst pa grill

Step 1

I start by cutting strips in the fat on the duck breast and cut away any tendons or fat that are not on the top of the breast fillet. Season with salt and pepper. When I fry duck breast, I always start with a cold pan and cold grill. This is because you want the fat to have time to melt down and become crispy. Grill the duck breasts on the fat side until you have a super crispy skin on the upper side. Then I turn the duck breasts and take down the lid. Do not keep the grill too hot. Try to have a temperature of between 120 - 160 degrees. Fry the breasts to a core temperature of 56 degrees and take them out of the grill. Now they should rest for about 10 minutes while I make the rest of the dish.

Andebryst pa grill 5

Step 2

In the same pan I fried the duck breasts, there is now a lot of duck fat and we will use this because it gives a fantastic taste to the dish. Pour chives and half-cooked potatoes into the pan and let it cook. Pour over the wine and let it evaporate almost completely. Add butter and orange marmalade and this will make the sauce. Grill for a few minutes until the potatoes are perfectly tender.

Andebryst pa grill 4

Step 3

Cut the duck breasts into slices and place on a plate with the vegetables. Pour over some of the good sauce and preferably garnish with some fresh herbs. Now you can serve perfectly grilled duck breast with delicious accessories and sauce. Good luck.

Andebryst pa grill 8