Herbal oil - Delicious green color and good taste!

Now you can easily decorate your food at home like the pros !!


  • 1 bunt flat-leaf parsley
  • 1 bunt curled parsley
  • 1 bunt chive

Herbal oil is very simple and gives a wonderful green color to dishes. This is perfect for garnishing the plate, a few drops on top of a soup or other dishes that need a little color. In great restaurants you often see that they decorate their dishes with this delicious oil. In addition, this is a smart way to use up remnants of herbs or if you grow them yourself. You can vary with herbs, but the method is the same.

Start by rinsing the herbs under water so they are clean and let them dry a bit. Roughly cut the herbs with a knife.


Step 1

Find a pan and add neutral oil. Heat the oil to 90 degrees. Remove the pan from the heat, add all the herbs and stir well. When you add the herbs, the temperature of the oil will drop. Therefore, heat the oil with the herbs back to 90 degrees.

Urteolje 2
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Step 2

Pour the oil with the herbs into a blender and run at maximum speed for 5 minutes.

Urteolje 6

Step 3

Use a strainer or cloth if you want an even cleaner sauce without a trace of herbs. Strain the oil and cool down as fast as possible. I put the bowl in a little ice and stir regularly so it gets cold. By cooling it quickly, the color will be even greener and vibrant.

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Step 4

Pour into a bottle. Now you have delicious herbal oil you can decorate your food with. It looks very nice and it will taste good of the herbs you have used. Good luck.

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