Make your own herb salt - Chives salt

A sprinkle on the food or give away as great gifts! Take care of the herbs by making homemade herbal salt.


large glass
  • 1 stor bunt fresh chives
  • 2 dl maldonsalt

At home we have a bed where I have different herbs and chives. I am very fond of the taste of chives and to avoid throwing some of it, it is smart to make chive salt. Drying herbs in the oven at home is fun and the result is tasty salt with a very long durability. Try different herbs and make your favorite salt.

Step 1

Start by rinsing the chives under water and let it drain.

Dsc 0920

Step 2

Roughly cut the chives and place in a blender together with 2 dl maldon salt. Run in the blender for a few minutes until you get a smooth and even mass.

Dsc 0922

Step 3

Find a baking tray and place on baking paper. Spread the batter evenly on the baking paper.

Dsc 0923
Dsc 0926

Step 4

I use the drying function in the oven which makes the job very easy. Then it dries at 55 degrees hot air and the fans in the oven do the job of getting the moisture out. If you do not have a drying function, set the oven to 60 degrees hot air and open the door once an hour to get the moisture out.

Dsc 0914

Step 5

You need to dry the mass until it is crushed dry. The time varies somewhat on quantity and oven, but it takes about 8 hours is my experience. I turned off the oven after 8 hours and left the tray in the oven overnight. It does not matter if it stays a little longer. The most important thing is that all the moisture comes out.

Dsc 0931

Step 6

Crush the mass and put back in the blender. Run short until it is now back to finely powdered salt with fantastic taste. Store in airtight glass. Buy some nice glasses and you can give away great homemade personalized gifts that will delight your friends. It is allowed to try different herbs and blends to find your own favorite.

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