Limoncello - Homemade lemon liqueur of the world's best lemons

One of Italy's most popular liqueurs.


250 ml bottles
  • 5 pcs Organic Lemons (Amalfi)
  • 7 dl 60% pure spirit
  • 7 dl water
  • 300 gram sugar

This yellow, beautiful and good liqueur from Italy tastes both sour and sweet. It is served ice cold and often at the end of a meal. It can be enjoyed alone or used in drinks. In this recipe you have to use organic lemons and I strongly recommend using the delicious Amalfie lemons when it is season for this. It is not a lot of work to make Limoncello, but it takes some time for the taste and color to be perfect. I finally pour over 250 ml bottles with cork and put on a small label. These can be nicely stored in the fridge for your own use and a wonderful hostess gift if you are visiting someone.

Step 1

Start by rinsing the lemons well and wipe with a clean, dry towel.

Limoncello 3

Step 2

Using a sharp knife or cheese grater, cut off the outer layer of the lemon peel. You should only swear the yellow and not the white underneath. The white layer tastes a little bitter. Place the peel in a container you have a lid for.

Limoncello 2

Step 3

Pour over the spirit, put on the lid and put in a dark cupboard. Now the spirit should attract color and taste from the lemon peel. The peel should soak in spirit for 7 days. To give a little extra love to this homemade liqueur, I shake the glass once a day.

Limoncello 5
Limoncello 6

Step 4

Bring the water to a boil and pour over the sugar. Cook together until the sugar is completely melted. Cool this sugar brine. Use a strainer and pour the spirit into a bowl. Then I add cold sugar brine to the perfect balance between sweetness and acidity from the lemons. This recipe is a good starting point, but feel free to taste along the way when you pour over the sugar brine so you get a Limoncello perfect for you!

Limoncello 10
Limoncello 12

Step 5

Stir well and pour over the bottles. Put on label and leave in the fridge for 1 week before serving. Lovely homemade Limoncello just like they make it in Italy. Good luck.

Limoncello 13
Limoncello 9