Mashed potatoes - 5 tricks to get a better result!

Mashed potatoes can be used for both everyday and feast. You can make it coarse and with little butter, or to a velvety potato puree that has lots of butter and tastes fantastic.


  • 4 pcs large potatoes per. pers
  • 4 dl milk
  • 50 gram real butter
  • 2 tsp grated nutmeg
  • salt and freshly ground pepper

This is something most people feel they master, but with a few simple tricks, the result is so much better. It should be illegal to buy mashed potatoes in bags. Everyone can do this! It tastes much better and has far more nutrition when you make it yourself.

Step 1

5 tricks to get a better result !!

1. do not use salt in the water

2. divide the potatoes into smaller pieces

3. heat milk, butter and spices before mixing with the potatoes

4. season with salt just before serving, then it will not be sticky.

5. press through a sieve if you are going to have a silky soft mashed potato.

Step 2

Start by peeling the potatoes, cut into smaller pieces and place in a saucepan. Fill with cold water WITHOUT salt and cook until the potatoes are tender.

Potetstappe 3

Step 3

Heat milk and butter in a separate saucepan. Add pepper and nutmeg to the milk and butter mixture.

Potetstappe 2

Step 4

When the potatoes are tender, pour off the water and mash them properly while pouring on the warm milk mixture.

Potetstappe 4

Step 5

Finish by stirring with a whisk. Do not stir too much as it will have a slightly sticky consistency. Season with salt and serve.

If I make this dish for a party, I increase the amount of butter considerably and less milk. Make sure that it is completely silky soft. This can be done by pushing it through a sieve.

Potetstappe 1