A tribute to the potato - My 5 best accessories of potatoes!

Potatoes are versatile, healthy and taste great.


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I love potatoes and here you get 5 of my very best recipes with potatoes.

The potato was used by Spaniards in the 16th century. In Europe, it took two hundred years before the potato was valued as a food resource and potato cultivation began on a larger scale. In Norway, the breakthrough for the potato as a raw material came in the decades around 1800, earliest along the coast in southern and western Norway, and with strong growth in the grain districts in eastern Norway and in Trøndelag after 1813 and most recently in northern Norway. Potatoes have since been a source of nourishment and a regular accessory at dinner tables in Norway. With these wonderful recipes, I hope it lasts for a few hundred more years.

1) Cream au gratin potatoes

Dsc 0247 2

2) Crushed potatoes

Knuste Poteter Front

3) Fondant potatoes

Dsc 0299

4) French Fries

Pommes Front

Here is a link to the world's best French Fries French Fries - That's how they become perfect!

4) Hasselback potatoes

Hassel Front1

Here is the link to the recipe and procedure for Hasselback potatoes Hasselback potatoes - this classic deserves attention.

You have to choose which of these is your favorite, but here are my best recipes for these classics. All the recipes are thoroughly explained with step by step explanation and lots of pictures. Good luck.