Red wine sauce - This method gives the best result

Red wine sauce is incredibly good and goes well with both meat and white fish. Making a red wine sauce is quite simple once you know how to make it. I am very fond of a good red wine sauce for a good meal.


  • 5 dl red wine
  • 5 dl broth (lamb / beef / calf)
  • 3 pcs shallots
  • 1 cloves garlic
  • 1 tbsp whole black pepper
  • 2 pcs large bay leaf
  • 3 tbsp butter for frying and the sauce
  • fresh thyme
  • salt

There is something nice when you have the taste of red wine in sauce and red wine in the glass. Many people think that you can pour cheap wine into the sauce, but then unfortunately the taste of the sauce is also then. You do not have to buy a very expensive wine, but I always use the same wine in the sauce as the one I intend to serve with the food.

Step 1

Start by finding a pan and put some butter in the bottom. Finely chop the shallots and garlic. Put the shallots, garlic and all the pepper in the pan. Cook over medium heat until the onion has become completely soft, but not brown.

Rodvinsaus 2

Step 2

Add thyme, bay leaves and cook for a few more minutes.

Rodvinsaus 3

Step 3

Now pour on the red wine. Let the red wine boil until there is only 25% of the liquid left.

Rodvinsaus 4

Step 4

Then you pour in the broth. I used lamb broth this time because the sauce was for Lamb.

Rodvinsaus 5

Step 5

Continue to cook until the sauce is halved again. Strain the sauce into a new pan. Now you have a clear and nice red wine sauce.

You choose the consistency of the sauce yourself with how much you boil it down. I do not use any kind of thickening in a red wine sauce. It gives a slightly strange color and I think it is unnecessary. When you have the desired consistency, turn down the heat so it does not boil anymore. Just before serving, stir in the rest of the butter and season with salt. Then the sauce is ready to serve. Good luck and enjoy a good meal.
Rodvinsaus 1