Scallop carpaccio with bacon and beets - Magical combination


  • 8 pcs scallop
  • 8 skiver pickled beetroot
  • 4 skiver bacon
  • 8 blader basil
  • 1 tsp lemon juice
  • 2 tsp olive oil
  • salt and pepper

I was first served this at a very good friend of mine who has worked as a chef for many years. The combination of salty, sweet and crispy together with thinly sliced raw scallops is delicious. The scallops are marinated in a little lemon and olive oil.

Kamskjell med bacon

Step 1

I start by frying the bacon until crispy and cutting it into small pieces. Then I also cut pickled beetroot into small cubes.

Step 2

Find the plates you will serve on. Clean or thaw scallops and cut them into very thin slices. I first put a few drops of olive oil on the plate. Add the slices of raw scallops and finish with a few drops of lemon and olive oil on top. Gently rub around so that everyone gets a bit of the good marinade. Leave for a minimum of 5 minutes to marinate.

Kamskjell med bacon 2
Kamskjell med bacon 3

Step 3

Add crispy bacon and cubes of pickled beetroot. Serve with a small salad of finely chopped basil. Finish with a little Maldon salt and freshly ground pepper.

Kamskjell med bacon 6