Summer "fast food" - beer and wine steamed mussels!

Mussels taste very good and are very easy to make. If you follow this recipe, you will get a brilliant result every time. You can vary herbs and wine / beer to your favorite.


  • 1 nett mussels
  • 3 tbsp finely chopped shallots
  • 1 pcs finely chopped red chili
  • 4 cloves finely chopped garlic
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 0,5 pcs lemon (juice and peel)
  • 1,5 dl wine
  • 1,5 dl beer
  • 1 tsp honey
  • 2 dl whipping cream
  • chives
  • dill

This recipe gives a very good taste. Mussels are suitable both as an appetizer or main course. I think it is very good to serve some freshly baked bread / baguette. Then you get the good broth the mussels give. Try this delicious summer dish!

Step 1

Start by checking the date on the mussels when you buy them. It is desirable to get as fresh mussels as possible. Pour all the shells into the sink in cold water. Scrub the mussels if they are ugly. Discard any shells that have damaged shells or do not want to close in cold water or that you snap at them. Put the rest in a bowl and put in the fridge until you need to use them.

Dampbla 2

Step 2

Now it's time to finely chop the shallots, garlic and chili. Find a pan and add the butter. Use medium heat because it is important that the butter does not burn.

Dampbla 3

Step 3

Add the finely chopped onion and chili together with the butter.

Dampbla 4

Step 4

Let this simmer for at least 5 minutes on medium heat until the onion has become completely soft and shiny. This is so that you get the most flavor from the onion and gives a better consistency afterwards. It looks like this when the onion is ready.

Dampbla 5

Step 5

Measure out beer, white wine and honey in a glass and have ready. Now the mussels are to be steamed. Turn up the heat to almost max. Pour in the mussels, beer and wine mixture and put on the lid.

Dampbla 6

Step 6

Do not remove the lid, but shake the pan a little. After about 2 minutes, the mussels are ready. Remove the lid to check that they have opened (time varies slightly depending on how big they are). Regular medium mussels do not need more than 2 minutes. Pick up the mussels and place back in the bowl. Pour in cream, lemon juice and the grated lemon zest. Add half of the dill and chives. Cook for 2-3 minutes until the broth thickens a little. TASTE TO THE BROTH!! Taste the broth and season with salt, pepper and possibly more lemon juice. When you think it tastes perfect then it is perfect for you.

Dampbla 7

Step 7

Now pour the mussels back into the broth and turn off the heat. Stir well so that the sauce sticks to and inside all the shells. Pour into 2 large plates and bring with you all the good broth. Sprinkle over the rest of the dill and chives and serve immediately. I like to have some bread next to it to get the good broth. Good luck and good summer.

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