Sushi - How to make sushi rice at home

Sushi rice is the key to a perfect sushi at home.



Sushi vinegar (more than you need)

  • 4 dl rice vinegar
  • 150 gram sugar
  • 75 gram salt
  • 2 pcs kombu (optional)

Sushi rice

  • 5 dl sushi rice
  • 6 dl water
  • 1,8 dl Sushi vinegar

Sushi actually means "sour rice" or "rice with vinegar". The rice is treated with a separate vinegar mixture, which means that the keeping quality is longer, gives the classic sushi taste and prevents you from getting sick from the rice. The taste and consistency of the rice is very important for making good sushi at home. Sushi rice is available in several qualities and I recommend everyone to buy good quality rice. The rice grains are slightly shorter in shape and rounded. You want as many whole grain grains as possible and this is a sign of quality from the producer. Here I will show you the process of making sushi vinegar and how to rinse, prepare and make the rice perfectly.

Step 1

Start by measuring the rice and pour into a bowl. Rinse the rice well under cold water 3-4 times until you see the water becomes less cloudy. Leave the rice in water to soak for 20 minutes.

Sushi eddik 3

Step 2

You can buy ready-made vinegar for sushi rice, but it is easy to make yourself. I make a large portion and store in the fridge until the next time I make sushi at home. Start by finding a saucepan and add rice vinegar, sugar and salt.

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Step 3

Turn on medium heat and stir regularly. Heat close to the boiling point or until all the sugar and salt have dissolved and you have a clear liquid. I like to add kombu which is dried seaweed. You can buy this at Asian stores. Add kombu and stir. Allow the vinegar to cool and pour into an airtight glass. Store in the refrigerator.

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Step 4

Rinse off the water that the rice has been soaked in and measure out the amount of water according to the instructions on the package. Pour both into a saucepan or rice cooker. A rice cooker makes the job even easier, but it is no problem to use a regular pot with a lid. Boil the water with the rice and turn down the heat on the lowest with a lid. When the rice is done, I let it steam for a couple of minutes so it cools down a bit. Now pour over rice vinegar and mix carefully into the vinegar. Do not press down the rice, but mix by cutting across the rice with a spoon and turning the rice.

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Step 5

You can store the rice at room temperature until you make sushi. I put the rice in a container that has a lid. You can also cover the rice with a damp towel so the rice does not dry out. Now you have a perfectly sticky sushi rice that you can use to conjure up delicious sushi pieces. Good luck.

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