Margarita - This drink gives a happy mood!

Finally a day of sun and then it fits perfectly with a Margarita. There is some disagreement about who should have the credit for this drink, but what is certain is that this is one of the good old classics.


  • 4 cl Tequila
  • 2,5 cl Triple Sec (orange liqueur)
  • 2 cl lemon juice
  • salt and lemon to the edge of the glass

Margarita contains only three ingredients, but comes in many different varieties. This recipe is how I prefer to drink a Margarita. There is something about the taste that brings to mind summer, sun and dance. You have to be a little careful with the number, because this is a strong drink. Here there is no mixing water and it is served ice cold. Try this drink, close your eyes and imagine the sun and summer!

Step 1

Start by putting the glasses in the freezer or refrigerator. This way you get served the drink in cooling glasses and I think it is very good.

Find a shaker and pour in Tequila, triple sec and lemon juice. Gently rub the lemon slice on top of the glass. Then dip the glass in a plate with a little salt. This way you get the nice salt edge on the glass. Pour well with ice cubes on top, put on the lid and shake well. Pour the liquid through a sieve and straight into the cooled glasses. Serve to happy people with good music in the background. Good luck.

Margarita 2