Aquavit Sour - a refreshing drink

I love good drinks and this one fits just as well in summer as in winter. For me, aquavit is something I drink all year round and not just during the Christmas table season. It goes well with cured meats and for drinks. Aquavit sour is a very good drink. Find the remnants of aquavit that are in the cupboard after Christmas and make some good drinks.



Aquavit Sour

  • 4 cl aquavit
  • 4 cl sugar brine
  • 3 cl lemon juice
  • 1 cl orange juice
  • 1 pcs egg white
  • a few drops of Angostura

Sugar brine

  • 3 dl water
  • 3 dl sugar

Step 1

Start by finding all the ingredients and a shaker. If you do not have a shaker, you can use a hand mixer. Pour in aquavit, sugar brine, orange juice and egg whites. First, shake hard without ice cubes. This makes the foam even better. Pour in ice cubes and shake until the drink is ice cold. Strain into a glass and finish with a small slice of orange and a few drops of angustura. Now you can enjoy a refreshing and delicious drink made with aquavit. Good luck.

Akevitt sour
Akevitt sour 2