Caramelized onions - Incredibly good accessories to beefburgers, burgers and sandwiches!


  • 4 pcs løk
  • 2 tbsp smør
  • 1 tbsp nøytral olje
  • 0,5 tsp sukker
  • 0,5 tsp salt
  • 1 tbsp balsamico eddik
  • 1 tsp soyasaus

Caramelized or browned onions are a classic for beefburgers, but can be used for so much more. The onion gets a sweet and very good taste and fits perfectly on sandwiches, accessories for various meat dishes, and not least a hamburger. Here I show how I make this and what I add for the extra good taste!

Step 1

Start by slicing the onion. It is important that the slices have some thickness. About 1 cm is perfect for caramelized onions. I cut off the tips and divide the onion in half. Then I cut up nice slices.

Karamelisert lok

Step 2

Find a large pan. Put on medium + heat and add the butter. When the butter starts to get a light brown color, I pour in the oil and add the onion. Now turn down the heat to medium minus. Stir occasionally.

Karamelisert lok 2

Step 3

Patience is the key to getting the best results. If you use too high a heat and for a short time, the onion will be more burnt than caramelized. When the onion starts to get color, I add a little sugar and salt. Leave on medium minus heat and stir occasionally. Browning onions can take up to 1 hour.

Karamelisert lok 3

Step 4

When it is almost done, I add balsamic vinegar and a little soy. This gives a good umami taste and a little acid. Wait until the liquid has absorbed and the caramelized onion is ready. When you add liquid at the end, you also get all the good taste that has settled to the bottom of the pan.

Karamelisert lok 4

Step 5

Be creative with the use of caramelized onions. Use it on different dishes. 4 onions will be about 8 topped large tablespoons when done. So much disappears and the taste is very concentrated. A beautiful accessory. Good luck.

Karamelisert lok 5