Mimosa - perfect for breakfast and lunch

The light fruity taste with small bubbles from the champagne is perfect for a breakfast or lunch.


  • 2 deler Champagne / Sparkling
  • 1 del good quality orange juice
  • 1 pcs orange boat

Mimosa is perfect for a sunny day. This is a drink I have so many fond memories of. The reason is probably that the times I drink Mimosa it is on holidays and often a little early in the day. Free, sun and Mimosa are an unbeatable combination. If you are a little reduced from a late summer evening, this is the world's best medicine the next day.

Step 1

It does not get easier than this :-) Find some nice champagne or small wine glasses and fill up 2/3 with Champagne. Then add 1/3 with orange juice and garnish with a nice orange slice.


Next time you make a nice breakfast or lunch with friends and they are not going out to drive you should try this.

Mimosa Front