Mojito - A refreshing and delicious drink!

Refreshing drink with flavors of mint and lime.


  • 4 cl well-kept dark rum
  • 1 tbsp brown sugar
  • 3 pcs lime boats
  • 6 blader fresh mint
  • 2 dl club soda

One of the most popular drinks is Mojito. When you get this drink well made, it tastes fantastic. It is important to me that it is not too sweet, but that you get the good taste of rum, lime and mint. When I make Mojito, I make either the drink on light rum and white sugar or brown rum and brown sugar. I think the last variant is clearly the best, but it probably has something to do with the fact that I am very fond of dark rums.

Step 1

Start by placing 2 of the lime boats in the bottom of the drink glass along with the sugar. Mash well with a mudler or something else hard. Add almost all the mint leaves and mash well with sugar and lime. Add rum, pour on crushed ice and mix well. Finish the drink by adding the last lime boat and some mint leaves and top up with Club Soda. Stir one last time and serve ice cold. Good luck!

This drink is very suitable to make in a large bowl as a welcome drink on a hot summer day. You can also vary with fresh berries of different varieties.

Mojito top
Mojito hoy