Port wine, blue cheese and gingerbread - A perfect combination of flavors!

Christmas feeling in a bit!


  • 100 gram Blue cheese (Selbu Blue or Stilton)
  • 10 pcs gingerbread
  • Ripe Port Wine

I started with this wonderful taste combination a few years ago and now it has become a pre - Christmas tradition. Served as a little snack in the evening or at Christmas parties. This weekend we will decorate for Christmas at home and then this is an important part for me. I think it's incredibly cozy to decorate for Christmas, listen to Christmas music and enjoy something good in the glass.

Step 1

There is not much recipe here, but I strongly recommend buying gingerbread of a slightly good quality. So it is made on butter and not palm oil or the like. Cut the cheese into fine slices and place on the gingerbread. It is very good with ripe port wine for these flavors. This time I have chosen a Ramos Pinto 20. It is very good!

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Tastes best with Christmas music in the background and with family or good friends! Enjoy.

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