Potato and leek soup - A Norwegian classic that deserves to be made!

The combination of potatoes and leeks is perfect for soup.


Large portions

Potato and leek soup

  • 10 pcs medium almond potatoes
  • 2 pcs leek (without the top green)
  • 1 cloves garlic
  • 4 dl chicken broth
  • 1 liter milk
  • 3 dl whipping cream
  • A little leek oil
  • Crispy Chorizo
  • the juice of a little lemon
  • salt and white pepper

Leek oil

  • 2 pcs Leek (only the green at the top)
  • 2 dl sunflower oil

This soup is easy to make and tastes very good! I like to "spice it up" a bit with crispy chorizo and leek oil. It also goes well with croutons and bacon. Here you get an incredibly good recipe that will be popular for both young and old. Affordable ingredients that taste fantastic together, it does not get better than that. Serve as a delicious appetizer or as a main course. If you have not tried this combination before, it's time.

Step 1

Start by making the leek oil. Cut off the top of the leeks (the dark green) and rinse well. Divide into pieces and place in a blender together with the oil. Run to a smooth mass and heat to boiling point. Allow to cool and strain through a fine sieve. Store in a glass or bottle in the refrigerator. This has a durability of about 1 month and is perfect for taste and color for other dishes as well.

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Step 2

Cut the rest of the leek into pieces and place in a saucepan with a little oil. Cook over medium heat until the onion begins to soften. Add the garlic towards the end of the cooking time. I let the leeks fry while I peel the potatoes.

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Step 3

Peel the potatoes and cut into smaller pieces. Put in the pan together with the broth, milk and cream.

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Step 4

Stir in the pan below until the milk has started to boil.

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Step 5

Let cook for about 20 minutes until the potatoes are completely tender. Run smoothly with a hand mixer and season with salt, pepper and a little lemon juice.

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Step 6

Cut the chorizo into small pieces and fry in a little oil until it has become a little crispy and "sweats" a good delicious red oil.

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Step 7

Pour the steaming hot soup into a soup plate and take over a few drops of leek oil and sprinkle with a little chorizo. This tastes very good and gives some very nice colors to the soup. Good luck.

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