Ramen broth - Full of nourishment and taste!


liters of finished broth
  • 2 pcs chicken
  • 1 kg pork neck
  • 2 pcs onion
  • 2 pcs ginger
  • 1 pcs garlic
  • 2 pcs carrot
  • 2 dl soy sauce
  • 1 dl sesame oil
  • 1 tbsp chili powder
  • 5 liter water
  • 3 tbsp Katsuobushi (optional) dried tuna flakes
  • 2 flak Kombu (optional) dried seaweed

This Japanese dish has taken off in the big metropolises and it is not without reason. Ramen is one of the most common dishes in Japan and you can buy it everywhere. It is eaten for lunch, dinner, supper and midnight snack. This delicious dish looks simple, but everything lies in getting the perfect broth!

Step 1

Start by finding a large pan. When I make this broth, I use one of the largest boilers I have and make up 4 liters of finished broth. Freeze the broth and you have many good dinners to look forward to in the future. Cut up the vegetables and place in the pan.

DSC 1470

Step 2

Pour in the rest of the ingredients in the pan and top up with the right amount of cold water.

DSC 1476

Step 3

In the top of the pan I put the pork neck. This becomes incredibly tender and good when it is allowed to soak in this broth for 3 hours. The meat should also be included in the soup when I make a finished Ramen soup.

DSC 1478

Step 4

Heat the broth to boiling point and let it steep for 3 hours on low heat (a few small bubbles occasionally).

DSC 1485

Step 5

Take out the meat and let it cool down a bit. Wrap it in plastic and place in the fridge. This should be cut into thin slices and added to the soup at the end.

DSC 1486

Step 6

Strain the broth and cool down. Store in airtight boxes until you use broth. This broth is also absolutely super to freeze. This is packed with nourishment and tastes absolutely fantastic!

DSC 1490