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Sashimi salad with salmon and ponzu sauce - Simple, quick and so good!

A delicate and fresh salad with delicious flavours.


  • 1 pcs Frøya backloin
  • 2 pcs avocado
  • 400 gram salad as desired
  • 2 pcs spring onion
  • 1 pcs lime
  • 0,5 pcs cucumber
  • 10 pcs small tomatoes
  • 1 pcs chili
  • 2 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 1 dl ponzu saus

When you use Frøya salmon, this salmon is of sushi quality and can be eaten raw completely safely. Perfect for making sashimi and this delicious salad. A fresh, colorful and delicious salad. You can vary with different vegetables and salad, but the combinations of salmon, ponzu sauce and sesame seeds are a winner. This recipe also has a video instruction you can see at the bottom of the recipe.

Sashimi salat FROYA

Step 1

Start by cutting the salmon into thin slices. Transfer to a bowl. Now wash the knife and cutting board before you cut up the rest of the ingredients for the salad.

Sashimi salat FROYA 2

Step 2

Cut up the lettuce, cucumber, tomato, avocado, spring onion and chilli. Place in a salad bowl and place the slices of salmon on top.

Sashimi salat FROYA 3

Step 3

Finish by pouring over ponzu sauce and then sprinkle plenty of sesame seeds. This delicious sashimi salad is now ready to serve. Good luck.

Sashimi salat FROYA 6