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Watermelon Salad - Delicious combination of sweet, salty and sour!

A delicious and summery salad with good flavors!


  • 0,3 pcs watermelon whole
  • 2 pakker Apetina Classic
  • 1 kurv strawberry
  • 2,5 dl salty peanuts
  • fresh mint

Watermelon is the taste of summer for me and something I buy a lot of in the summer. The same goes for strawberries. Often there are leftovers of this in the fridge and I have made an incredibly delicious recipe with a taste of summer. Sweet, salty and sour in a wonderful combination. You make this dish in a few minutes. Check out the instructional video on how to make this.

Step 1

Find all the ingredients and cut the watermelon into pieces. Take the stalk of the strawberries and divide into 2. Place this in a large bowl.

Vannmelon Apetina

Step 2

Find your Apetina cheese and take it out of the package. Divide into pieces and place in the bowl.

Step 3

Sprinkle with plenty of salty peanuts and mix well. Here I have made a short film that shows the whole process.

Step 4

Finish with a little coarsely chopped fresh mint and now this simple and delicious salad is ready to be enjoyed. A colorful and very good dish. Good luck.

Vannmelon Apetina